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Saturday, June 30, 2012

How I Envy Midland!

While enjoying my solo show at Claustro Studio and Gallery, something really wonderful was happening in Midland.

On Saturday June 9th 2012 Midland opened this gorgeous Cultural Centre!

Here is a short photographic tour . . .

Main Floor

Why yes, that is beer and wine on sale at the cafe!

Unfortunately what I didn't snap was the gallery gift shop.

going up!

 Hope you haven't missed those views! Window everywhere inside and out!

Did you count? 1 Gallery Gift Shop, 1 main floor gallery, 1 upper level gallery, 2 classrooms that can be used as galleries, 1 professional theatre, 1 Reception/music-band/movie-theatre room with balcony, 1 boardroom, 1 cafe

Midland is located at the southern end of Georgian Bay's 30,000 Islands with a population of 16,572 which swells to over a hundred thousand in the summer months.

Compare that to Bracebridge at 15,409 or Huntsville at 19,056. 

So How did Midland rate a 7million+ Cultural center? Among the potentially hundreds of reason why, at least one of them is that a certain Midland resident was savvy enough to realize that the arts are a main economic driver and donated the funds to make  this cultural centre a reality! 

I adore you, Reinhart Weber.

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