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Friday, March 29, 2013

Some LOVE to Firepole Marketing, Scavengers, and FPMScavHunt Sponsors

As this is the final day for competing in Firepole Marketing's online Marketing Scavenger Hunt (and for more points of course :) ! ) I do want to thank all those who made the game possible, who played the game, and who crossed social media paths with me!

Special Thanks to Danny Iny and Megan Dougherty (and their team members) for the game, and for prompt responses to participant queries.

Thanks to the games sponsors! and their FAB prizes. Though I personally don't come close to winning them,  I won in other ways never fear.  For instance, now I know about you and I have benefited by some great info and instruction through you or by way of you:

@NicoleAFende -The Numbers Whisperer
@ProsperitysK - Tea from Prosperity's Kitchen
@LindseyRD3 - Lindsey Rainwater

Thank you Games Masters and my personal Points Counters!!

Games Masters

My Points Counters
& Judy

Thank you!!

I also want to thank those who reached out to me directly for some of the challenges. It is a pleasure to have met you and the interaction was so positive and enjoyable! Plus, some of those challenges took TIME and EFFORT for which I am greatly appreciative!

Susan of

Lisa of 

Gem of

Warm welcome and thank you to my #FPMScavHunt Colleagues who are also my Twitter Followers, Google+ Followers, Tumblr Followers, Pinterest Followers, Instagram Followers, and Facebook page Likers!! Thank you for taking the time to look, like, heart, follow, and circle :)

As for the challenges themselves, I found I was not the only one who discovered that there were many non-obvious challenges that supported other challenges and gave rise to many "ah ha" moments. At the end of this game, I have added  new cool tools to my online marketing toolbox and have broken some of my self imposed barriers.

What did I accomplish? I am amazed at my list:

My Accomplishment List:
Create a Tumblr titled with your playing name where you will post your proof
General Points: 
1.+1 for every (interesting and insightful –no comment spam!) comment you make on a FirepoleMarketing Post.
Networking and Guest Posting 
1.+5 Have a guest post pitch accepted by another blogger. (Screenshot of the acceptance email.)
2.+10 Guest post accepted by another blogger in the scavenger hunt.
3. +5 Accept a guest post for your blog.
4. +5 Find 5 blogs in you niche you’ve never been to before. Post them to your Tumblr.
6. +10 Post on own blog about this contest.
9. +10 Update your About page (before and after shots!)
10. +5 Your three favourite interview questions to hear answers to are:
12. +10 Get someone in the Scavenger Hunt to critique (constructively) your blog, or a blog post of yours. (Maximum 3 critiques! Feel free to “exchange!”)
13. +10 Write a post on your own blog that mentions another player in the Scavenger hunt and work of theirs that you like.
14. Share any of the Prosperity’s Kitchen Videos for +5 points.
Social Media Mastery 
1. Create accounts ( or prove ownership of current account):
a. Instagram +5
b. Pinterest +5
c. Quora +5
d. LinkedIn +5
e. Google +5
2. +5 Pin your Favourite Firepole Marketing post.
5. +10 Who do you follow? Make a list on your Tumblr of your 10 favourite Tweeters!
6. +5 To Facebook, or not to Facebook. Answer the following question: Do you use Facebook for your business? Why or why not?
7. New Twitter followers from Scavenger Hunt Start Date to End Date. (+1 per 10 new followers, maximum 20 points.)
8. +10 Is there a group on LinkedIn that fits your business? Join it and start a conversation!
10. +15 Create a new Facebook Page for your business. Already have one? +10
11. +5 Make some new friends – “Like” five pages in your niche. +1 per “like.”
12. +5 Share your favourite Firepole Marketing Post on Facebook.
13. +10 You know who we love? Tea from Prosperity’s Kitchen! Share the following: “Thank you @ProsperitysK for making #FPMScavHunt possible!”
14. +10 Are you using Google+ or still learning? Either way – make a circle with at least 5 fellow contestants that you want to get to know!
1. + 10 Hello, my name is… Create a video introduction of yourself, and post it to your Tumblr. + 5 extra points if you tell us your favourite colour, food and vacation destination.
3. +10 Create a video photo-collage with voice over describing what we’re seeing.
4. +10 Make a beautiful PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation.
6. +10 Slideshare? Make a presentation on your topic, upload it and spread the word!
7. +10 Interview a fellow contestant for your blog – record and edit the audio. (Post to Tumblr!)
13. +15 Record yourself answering the following questions:
o What is your business?
o Why did you get into it?
o Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
14. +10 Find 3 awesome public domain images that you can use in future blog posts.
15. +10 Design an eye-catching cover for your next eBook.
Writing, Reading and Researching 
1. +5 Writing Practice! Complete this sentence: My biggest problem with Marketing online is:
2. +10 Writing Practice! Write a paragraph for the following headline:
a. What You Don’t Know About the Tooth Fairy May Shock You!
3. +10 Writing Practice! Write a headline for the following paragraph:
a. Is there another vegetable on this big green and blue ball we call a planet as noble, passionate and delicious as the beet? I certainly think that there is not. What other root can claim such sweetness? What legume such taste? What sprout or seed such lush pigmentation? Why I believe that the beet must be, not just the greatest vegetable – but the greatest foodstuff of all time. Nature’s candy. For the inspiration of literature, music, arguments in the kitchen and a million bowls of borscht – to the beet, we give our thanks.
4. +10 Caption the following photo: (+10 for an additional picture of a cat – wearing a fireman’s hat. Photoshop, props and borrowing cats are all acceptable!)
5. Headline Challenge! What would be a good intersection between your blog and: (+5 pts each)
a. A Marketing Blog
b. A Personal Development Blog
c. A Food Blog
9. +5 Who said this? +1 point for each correct answer. Email Answers to
a. “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”
b. “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.”
c. “The purest treasure mortal times can afford is a spotless reputation.”
d. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” 
e. "Remember that failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night."
12. +5 Complete the following: I keep track of my ideas for projects and posts by…
In Real Life
1. +15 Photographic evidence that you went to a local networking event.
2. +10 A Picture of you in your office.
3. +5 List of 5 ways you could get more business from your local community.
5. +5 Send a thank you note or email to someone who has helped you lately.
6. +10 Is there a small business owner in your community we should know about? Write a review for them on Yelp!
7. +5 Get one testimonial from someone you’ve helped – business or personal – this is about feeling good.
8. +10 The Perfect Resume? Create a resume that shows why you are the best at what you do.
9. +5 I know you occasionally rock out while you work – link me to your favourite “getting things done” music.
11. +15 Giving Back – Volunteer a little bit of your time or money to an organization that matters to you. (Screenshot of proof that you reached out)
12. +10 A picture of you and someone who supports you and your work.
1) 10 bonus points,(Post a screenshot to your Tumblr . Yep – it will also count as a comment on FPM!) leave a comment on this post about what you could change on your about page based on Erica’s post.
2) write a blog post about how networking and relationships has helped or will help your business. Post it to your blog and put the link on your Tumblr, OR post it directly to your Tumblr. Email the Tumblr link  with the subject line: MY POST ABOUT NETWORKING for 20 points. Tweet it with the hashtag #FPMSCAVHUNT for an extra 5 points!
3)find 10 Instagram users who talk about your niche, and link to them in a post on your Tumblr for 10 points! Caption the post: INSTAGRAM BONUS!
4) reTweet your favourite of their (sponsors) recent Tweets. 5 bonus points for each

The list of what I didn't do (yet):

General Points: 
2.+1 for every new subscriber your blog gets during the contest. (Before and after screenshots!)
3.+10 for getting someone to register for the contest and mention you by Playing Name as theysubmit their Tumblr.
4.You answered another students question in the help doc? Great – thank you! +5 (1 Answererper question!)
5.What is this and what does it have to do with equine posteriors? (Email answer with yourplaying name to First 10 to get it +10, second 10to get it +5
Networking and Guest Posting 
5. Commenting on blogs in your niche +1 per (interesting and insightful –no comment spam!) comment.
7. +5 Write a glowing review for someone you’ve had a good experience with on LinkedIn.
8. +5 Write a review for an author you love on Amazon.
11. Find a newbie in your niche and show them a little love. +1 for a comment, +5 for soliciting a guest post, +10 for offering a guest post.
Social Media Mastery 
1. Create accounts ( or prove ownership of current account): f. Other small/new social networking +5
3. +10 Go to and curate a shelf of your favourite Business and Marketing Books.
4. +10 Instagram yourself looking at marketing books in a bookstore. Tag with Firepole Marketing Scavenger Hunt. (Not into Instagram? – a photo on your Tumblr will do!)
9. +5 Answer a question related to your business on Quora.
15. +10 What do you think of this? If it moves you – leave a comment, or share it!
2. +10 Create a video about a topic related to your business and upload it to Youtube. Post the link on your Tumblr.
5. +10 Use screencasting software to create a tutorial that will be useful to your audience.
8. +10 Photoshop (or equivalent) yourself with your favourite deceased marketer, living marketer and a robot.
9. +15 Create an infographic about a topic related to your business.
10. +10 What’s this? A photo of you receiving business owner of the year award? Congratulations.
11. +5 Danny’s got a lot of videos on Youtube – show me the goofiest screen capture you can find. (+5 extra points with a funny caption!)
12. +10 If Firepole Marketing was going to change its logo – what would it look like? Show us visually, or describe it like you would to a graphic designer. (This is an exercise – you own all your work!)
Writing, Reading and Researching 
6. +5 Hmmm – nothing good on the blogosphere today – come up with 5 killer headlines for future blog posts that you’ll write. 
7. +10 Write a rebuttal blog post to a controversial article in your niche. (Post to your blog OR to your Tumblr)
8. Learn to teach! Figure out the best way to explain the following to a total newbie, and give examples of how it will work: (+5 each)
a. Pinterest b. Writing a good headline c. Baking cookies d. Long division e. Re-marketing f. Guest posting
10. +5 If Firepole Marketing were going to rebrand – what should it be called?
11. +10 If I only knew… Create a survey for your audience that will tell you exactly what they want. Post it to your Tumblr.
In Real Life
4. +5 Send someone some business: make one email referral to a company that you like and trust.
10. +10 Funny Hat Day at Firepole Marketing – let’s see a snap of you in your best funny hat. (+5 for a fireman’s hat.) 

Warm thoughts and waves, and heartfelt gratitude


  1. This is lovely! I think we may have a guest blog post on my site once I get to that challenge...

  2. Thank you Christine
    I was just at your blog site. It is SO interesting!
    The FPMScavHunt was a great learning tool. The list is a keeper...something to keep repeating :)
    Guest blog posts I am definitely interested in :)

  3. First I've got to say your artwork is amazing. All the different trees - oh my! And the birds... ahem where was I?

    As one of the sponsors of the Scavenger Hunt I also got to meet some amazing people and learned a great deal. I hope your post is an inspiration to everyone who participated that the lessons themselves had as much value as the prizes.


    Nicole Fende


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