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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Nuit Blanche North Installation Project

A 2012 Nuit Blanche North Installation Project

Florence’s Flowers
69 Main St. East

July 13 & 14, 10am-5pm

On June 14th I was contacted by Dan Watson of Edge of the Woods Theatre with an invitation to be a participating artist in an artsVest component to this year's Nuit Blanche, honouring the 100th anniversary of celebrated artist Tom Thomson's arrival to the Muskoka area.

ArtsVest is a matching grants program from Business for the Arts which encourages businesses across Canada to partner with the arts community, fostering a sustainable creative economy.
"For Nuit Blanche North, businesses will sponsor artists as part of the program and artists will create work at the businesses leading up to the event. the artists will create an original work of art inspired by Tom Thomson, and incorporating either materials or themes from the business." - Alison Brownlee, from Community partners bring back Nuit Blanche in July

Nuit Blanche North takes place on July 14 so the press was on to quickly create an interactive installation with a Tom Thomson theme that would utilize materials from a paired business, in my case flower's from Florence's Flowers, and end as a installation in the business' main street window.

So here's the general idea:

Project Title:

A Bloomin’ Palette for Tom Thomson


Buckets of blooms and glistening gels transform a flower shop window into a Tom Thomson tribute. Passersby are encouraged to collaborate with Contemporary Paper Artist Col Mitchell in the re-making and reshaping of Tom Thomson originals using a “Bloomin’ Palette” – flower petals and parts generously gelled into picture perfect place, to be precise.


5 Panels of Clear heavy weight plastic stapled/stretched to sapling frame

Photos below show some of the prep work behind the installation:

Left to right:
1. ends from cutting saplings to length
2. fine tuning one of the sapling frames for application of clear plastic
3. edging clear plastic with duct tape for increased strength and tear resistance when stapling to frame
4. fitting plastic to frame

Left to right:
1. Plastic stapled to frame
2. Covering plastic with paper strips and tinted gel 
3. one side completed

Moss added for final touches--hiding joins and peeking tape edges

Fingers crossed it works out as envisioned . . . or better!

Finished project pic to be posted after event.

Be sure to stop by and spend a few minutes working along with me!

Florence’s Flowers
69 Main St. East
July 13 & 14, 10am-5pm


  1. so exciting, Col, well done and you go girl.

  2. I'm planning to drop by tomorrow. It sounds like a very creative display.

  3. Col, that's going to be gorgeous! I've told many of the Novel Marathon participants about it, so don't be surprised if you see bunches of us dropping by.

  4. Thanks Vicki, and Kareen for stopping by :)
    Karen, I did have couple visitors from NM! Great day Saturday, hope it was for you too.


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