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Sunday, July 01, 2012

On a Green Journey Part 2

A little recap . . .

Our 2012 Spring was so IN-YOUR-FACE GREEN it grabbed my attention with two Granny Smith Apple fists, and didn't let go. So here I am, "kid in candy-shop" fashion, taking a more present and deliberate look at the colour green, sharing here some of the stumbled upon bits of my journey...

See On a Green Journey Part 1 for full intro.

Green comes in more shades than any other colour; ranging from yellow-greens to those with a blue tinge. Turquoise and similar are typically half green and half blue. 
As I arranged my own work in sets on Flickr I noticed that earlier in the development of my sculpted paper technique my use of green was more predominant than in new works of 2012. I cropped out sections from those earlier works to create the banner above. 

Speaking of kids . . . How many colours of greens do  you think Crayola Crayons come in?

Crayola's Greens
Answer: 47 (Is anyone truly surprised?) And they come with some of the best names:
Magic Mint
Alien Armpit

Hello!! (If only Alien Armpit came in professional grade.)

Fun Facts

  • The word green relates closely to the old English verb growan, meaning “to grow”  
  • There is no natural source for green food colouring.
  • Green M&M’s have earned urban legendary status as a purported aphrodisiac.
  • The villain's of Spiderman often wore green to represent a contrast to the hero’s red (for those who aren't sure — red and green are complimentary, meaning they are opposite each other on the colour wheel) 
  • Green is the second most favourite colour (first is blue) 
  • The human eye can distinguish more shades of green than other colours - which is why night vision googles are green
  • Andy Warhol refused to wear underpants in any colour other than green.
  • There are no green mammals. Green birds, reptiles, fish and insects yes, but there are no green mammals at all. 
  • Washington State University research suggests people in rooms containing a lot of greenery tolerate more pain (physically) than people without any plants in their surroundings.
  • People work more efficiently when they can see houseplants
  • Recovery patients who have rooms with a green view use fewer drugs and recover more quickly from surgery

Greens In My Studio

What do I have in my studio when it comes to greens? 
These following colours are straight out of the bottle: (Yes...look at all those blue-y-greens.)


I also utilize the time honoured tradition of making greens by mixing yellow with blue.

These are the blues and yellows I have in my studio. I do adore the greens I get with cobalt teal.

And if I ponder on all the greens one could get by combining greens with greens, yellows and oranges with blues, modifying each with various amounts of white or black, or any other colours ... honestly, I get quite excited.

That's a bottom line.

See On a Green Journey Part 1 

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