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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Solo Exhibit Claustro

I was honoured when Carol Currie, reknowned artist and half of the Claustro Duo with Stuart Leggett,  makers of stunning sculpted paintings, contacted me through my Facebook Business page to extend an invitation -- An invitation for a solo exhibit to be hosted to at what can clearly be identified as a treasure of Midland: Claustro Studios and Gallery.

CLAUSTRO Sculpted Paintings

372 Midland Avenue

Midland ON, L4R 3K8

Tel: 705.527.4632

Artist Exhibition
June 8 - 10 
Contemporary Paper Artist Col Mitchell
Reception: Friday June 8, 6-9pm
Open Sat 7 Sun June 9 & 10, 12-5 pm
Saturday FREE Musical Performance
by John Fiddes & Neil Lefaive at 2-3pm
Sunday Interactive Demo with Artist: 2pm

The show was beautifully hung, lighted and presented in a top professional manner. 

I've included some photos here of the show before it opened.

The three day event featured an"meet the artist" opening night celebration, followed by choice live musical performances on the Saturday, and an artist talk or demo on the Sunday.

Carol also blogs about each exhibit and includes photos of the entire 3-day event at the Claustro blog site. 

From Claustro Blog site (with permission): 
Col’s medium intrigued everyone who visited the exhibition, and was well reciprocated in a high number of sales. Her medium of choice is paper; not used as collage, but as sculpture. Col draws from a diverse collection of papers that will accomplish a specific impression according to the subject she is working on. She carefully manipulates and sculpts the paper(s) on canvas to create a dimensional subject in both subtle and magnified ways. What remains, is a sculpted surface to which she applies colour in order to bring further depth to her work. The subject starts to come alive when paint washes are applied to the surface, then fine acrylic ink lines are added to create more interest, depth and sometimes abstraction to the subject. The wonderful balance between abstraction and barren composition allows for interpretation, so a seemingly literal subject becomes so much more. The result is a brilliantly refined dimensional painting. Up close, the work is full of rich hues and playful lines and from a distance, the work reveals itself as a unified, serene celebration of nature. ~Carol Currie

My demo, The Personality of Paper,  was well attended with 15 participants and I was so pleased they included a young person (under 18) and a Midland Councillor. 

I had a wonderful weekend, met some great people, enjoyed several exciting collections of my work into new homes, the weather was fabulous, and an incredibly cool thing happened to Midland while I was there!

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