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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Live! on Daytime

Tuesday April 24th 2012 at Rogers TV, Barrie

That's me, in the white jacket, demonstrating my entire paper process for the first time ever on live television as a participating artist on the Barrie Spring Art Tour. Nerves? You betcha. But the hosts, Leeann Pendleton and Glenn Coulson were terrific and made it all an enjoyable experience.

I was on set for the entire show, and between interviews with several other guests they would take turns trying out the basics of each of the 3 stages that make up my work.

Stage 1

Application of Paper

My demo consisted of making owls. These are Glenn's hands, but most of the paper work here was done by Leeann (see top photo). Below is their finished owl.

Stage 2

The Wash Application

Glenn applied a 3 colour wash to an owl previously papered by me.

Below is the result.

Stage 3

The Application of Line

That's Glenn using a pen nib to apply ink on a larger owl I had papered and left off at wash stage for this purpose.

and a brief discussion about the process here

(See more on this work at "Awarding Breakable")

After, I took both demo owls home, finished them, and gifted them back to Leeann and Glenn.

Notes on titles:
Both titles refer to comments made by the hosts as they worked on each piece.


"Eats Mice & Small Children"
by Col Mitchell and Glenn Coulson
7" x 5" x .5"
Original on canvas
Fax paper, acrylic, inks


by Col Mitchell, Leeann Pendleton & Glenn Coulson
7" x 5" x .5"
Original on canvas
Fax paper, acrylic, inks

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