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Monday, April 02, 2012

Awarding Breakable

I am so pleased to announce that my paper worked piece titled "Breakable" won two awards recently:
March 25 -- the Doug Gatcke Award for Members' Choice for "Breakable"
at Muskoka Arts and Crafts 2012 Spring Members' Show and  March 30 -- Judges Award of Excellence Best in Theme 2D for "Breakable"  Huntsville Art Society 2012 Spring Ahead Show

Breakable - Col Mitchell

© Col Mitchell
36" x 48" x 1.5"
Original on Gallery Style Canvas Contemporary Paper Art: 
Manipulated Museum Barrier, waxed bond, bond, and tissue papers, fluid acrylics and inks on canvas

I was inspired to title this work "Breakable" after I completed the eyes of the Barred Owl. I found it's gaze to be very visually compelling, continually drawing my own eyes back to those glassy orbs -- the words "breakable" and "fragile" crept into my consciousness and connections with those words formed with other breakable connections contained within the work and in my interaction both as maker and viewer.

A break, or a possibility for one, creates a part from a whole or part, it is the connection point to some other part. Perhaps this piece will take the viewer on their own connectivity journey.

detail image:



  1. These are such beautiful pieces, I love the color and design, exquisite!

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