Getting Ready for the One of A Kind Christmas Show

Sunday, January 06, 2008

EDM #21 draw something old, antique or vintage

2008/01/05 Not sure what this little rooster is, something could be poured out of it, maybe milk for tea? I was too heavy handed here for my liking. I may try this again. Watercolours, marker, pastels


  1. Hi Col, and welcome to the group. It has certainly inspired me to get creative and I hope it has the same effect on you.

    Great header, BTW.

  2. Hi and welcome to the EDM group! I love your art work!

  3. love the loose lines of this piece - it has such a playful quality. really lovely.

  4. Thanks so much Andrea, Ann, and Juj!

  5. Welcome to the group, from a fellow Canadian! I like your drawings (and your use of color). Hope we get to see more of your work. It's great!


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