Getting Ready for the One of A Kind Christmas Show

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Studio Leaks, Speed Videos and the #OOAKX13

It's true. I applied to Toronto's One of A Kind Christmas Show this year and was accepted,  an exceptional achievement as I understand it. Admittedly, I'm little giddy and a lot nervous -- and I expect none of that will change until it is all over -- but thankfully I will get a fair amount of respite buried in deep focus in the studio. 

Lately while working in the studio I've been sharing photos via my iphone (a.k.a. "studio leaks") to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  To commemorate my inclusion I've decided to kick this behind-the-scenes-sharing up a notch by recording many of my new works as they progress. I've sped these vids up quite a bit, too, so try not to blink.

But give me a quick sec before I première my first speed video to introduce you to my OOAK Booth Buddy Barb TenEycke. It was Barb who contacted me and asked if I would like to apply to this section with her. As first time OOAK applicants we are able to take advantage of the (one time offer) benefit of booth sharing.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to share the excitement, the ins & outs, and the nitty gritty with her. Barb is a Canadian Landscape painter with a keen eye for colour and a canny ability to capture tranquility. I hope you take a moment to check out more of her works.


And now for my (ahem) ultimate #StudioLeaks on Getting Ready for the #OOAKX13:

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If you get to Toronto Between Nov 28th and Dec 2nd be sure to say Hello.

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