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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mother of Invention and All That Jazz

It started with me staring at a 12in x 36in canvas imagining a river bank scene with mirror like reflections of skeletal white jutting and tangled tree roots adorning a misty shoreline.

So the question was...

How can I get/create a reflection of shoreline and driftwood using manipulated paper? How could I come close even and still keep it true to the paper's own willful fault lines without going to the extreme of breaking the paper down into a pulpy mess for molding? How would I get the loosely applied washes to mirror? I am deliberately trying not to paint the scene, as it defeats the whole process of working with materials allowed to have their own ideas or generous input to the outcome.

Well I think I've got the solution. Oh ya.

Just came back from the studio. It involves a two stage canvas prep and a two stage wash process. First stage of canvas prep completed and drying waiting for stage 2: Apply washes which then goes back to stage 2 of stage 1: canvas prep. 
Following me? can come see the demo at the Woodland Art Experience this Weekend!
Aug 15, 16 – Woodland Art ExperienceKilworthy

Col Mitchell

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