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Saturday, March 07, 2009

14 Months in Review

14 months ago I returned to creating for myself.
--joined Muskoka Arts & Crafts
--joined Huntsville Art Crowd
13 months ago
--Participated in Signs of Spring Show (HAC)
8 months ago I moved to Bracebridge
--I opened my studio with 3 other artists and ran weekend art shows
--Entered Art in The Art, where myself and my studio were used for corresponding media coverage
7 months ago
--Participated in the Art in the Heart Show (TOB)
--Opened My own studio: Cedar Raven Studio
--Participated in a 3 person show in Windermere
6 months ago
--Became president of the Huntsville Art Crowd
--Initiated and lead online artist promotion workshops
--Introduced and coordinated new art show with eye towards G8 possibilities
--Designed and added blog sites to the Huntsville Art Crowd to increase the website’s vitality, create interest, and broaden accessibility to information
--Created new newsletter format to communicate with members past and present
4 months ago
--Accepted into Muskoka Futures innovation Muskoka Program
The past couple of months
--Adjusted to my two sons entering the PS system for the first time (gr 8 and11)
--Participated in the Who Art Thou Show (Mac)
--Personal art works accepted into Silver Bridge Gallery.
--Gave a workshop on online artist promotion via ACoM at Nippissing in Bracebridge
--Participated in a TV interview on request from Town of Bracebridge re Art in The Heart
--Participated in the About Face Show (MAC)
--Met with Moose radio re radio promotion of artists via Muskoka Designated Arts status, contributing to ACoM’s March 2nd information & brainstorming session at Rene Caisse Theatre
--Organized a student of HHS to rep HAC
--Art work displayed at Muskoka Future’s G8 Symposium
--Invited to participate in the Woodland Art Experience
--Invited to participate in the Art of Remembering Show
--Began work on this summer’s Cedar Raven Studio event: The Raven’s Garden Party

In the past 14 months, through Innovation Muskoka, Muskoka Arts and Crafts, Huntsville Art Crowd, and the Arts Council of Muskoka, I have attended over 30 workshops, demonstrations, and meetings.

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