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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The New Look

It was one of those eye popping neck cracking computer marathon days today. I was determined to (1) improve the look of my blog (with my severly limited html skills) which I believe I have accomlished (though I might just be hypnotized by the computer screen),
(2) Set up my 2009 accounting in excel and enter what I have (catchup)
(3) update my Etsy store, and
(4) thanks to a lovely comment and tip via Etsy I also set up a new Gallery at Soleyne. Check out the gallery link to the left. If you have a blog, I highly suggest this free gallery site.
I was also invited to participate in Wood's End's 2009 Woodland Art Experience today, to which I happily replied YES!
Hope you like the new look!

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