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Thursday, November 06, 2008


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Nov 5 2008. Ok, I can easily say that I have not done any figure drawing for over 17 years. Easily.

I think what saved me was that I arrived late, just got set up, had 5 or ten minutes left on this pose when FOUR MINUTES later my cell phone rings! I had to leave the class, pick up my son, drop him off at home and scoot back to class to start/finish the remaining 4 drawings. No time to feel the pressure.

4 minutes. Conte stick.

As I mentioned earlier I am trying to do new things (for me). I managed 5 drawings: two in conte stick, 2 in markers (dif colour combos), 1 in water colour pencil. To view the remaining four go to

or click on the Tour Online Gallery link.

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