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Friday, October 10, 2008

Live Portrait Drawing Class

October 9-2008 I attended Muskoka Arts & Crafts Portrait Open Studio.

from their website:

Portrait Open Studio meets at the Chapel Gallery every Thursday evening at
7pm. A model is available and class members bring their own drawing
materials. No instruction is provided but support and fellowship is
available. The Portrait Class shows its work with the Life Drawing Open
Studio in an annual exhibition at the Chapel Gallery in the Spring.

My first live portrait drawing in umm...well..20 years? THAT is my excuse. I'm sticking to it. The other is...I thought we were doing a 20 minute sketch. So I was trying to get the gist and that is how I got the eyes all wrong. (see left hand side portrait). So I played with the eye in a photo program and it ismuch better. (see right hand side). My eldest son (16) is the model. : )

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