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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First drawing in the new SB!

Coco Milk 2007/12/31 EDM Challenge #7 Draw a Bottle, jar or tin from the kitchen. I finally found the challenge list at Flickr, so had to run out today and purchase a sketch book. First drawing in the new SB! This was rather enjoyable as I was able to use water colours, markers, pastels and pencils all in one. Icky perspective but all in all I'm pleased.


  1. You should be pleased. This is really satisfying to look at. I esp. like the blended red in the upper part of the label.

    By the way, the best place to find the current EDM list (if you don't already know) is, then click on 'files'.

  2. Thanks Rah and Andrea! I am rather pleased with the coconuts, myself. Not that they are well executed by any means, just that they really pop on the can.


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