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Friday, March 01, 2013

The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt: A Networking Dream

There is nothing like learning something important, like a skill or a life lesson, through a game. You are with me on that right? Exactly!

I am currently having a blast in Firepole Marketing's Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt. The Challenge List is varied and extensive covering topics on networking, guest posting, social media mastery, writing, research, multi-media, and real life. Extra tasty bonus challenges spring out of some pretty informative Firepole Marketing blog posts on . . . markeing (what else).

For example, Networking can be rather intimidating and one can let all the unpleasant stuff like nervousness and  formality get in the way. The last task I undertook for networking in this challenge was to get someone to critique my blog. Sounded like that required a formal request! Seemed like a large task to set to someone; a rather large favour to ask. 

Here's what really happened: A couple of short friendly messages on Facebook and the deed was done! No muss, a feel good, and some valuable info on what my blog needed. That in itself was a terrific "ice breaker" for future networking initiatives.

Still plenty of time to enter: Check it out at You can also check out what is going on via twitter searching #FPMSCAVHUNT

Want to see my challenges? Head over to

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