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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

To all my collectors, Thank you!

I am having quite a bit of difficulty finding the right words to describe how amazing I think my first year venturing full time into my art practice has been so far. My first two shows of the year honoured me with awards for a new work, Breakeable. The divine icing on that fabulous cake was the reception to my work in three new venues: Barrie Spring Art Tour, London for a solo show Crush on Spring, and Midland for another solo show at Claustro Gallery.

This series of shows resulted in a thrilling yet rather startling success:

Within 72 days, 34 of my original sculpted paper paintings were collected into new homes. Of the 30 new works I had made this year just 2 came back to my studio.   

Admittedly, I am over the top about this. I could not be more honoured.

Ultimately this added up to a two thirds reduction in my personal inventory. A challenge to replenish! And with several of my large pieces collected it definitely will take some time to build up a new body of work.

Unfortunately, it does mean I have very very few new pieces for my 2 upcoming shows in August but I hope that most can be nearly as excited as I am for the work that will emerge for 2013.

To all my collectors, Thank you! I feel uniquely and deeply commended when you love my work enough to take it home with you, and utterly privileged to be a part of your art experience.


  1. Congratulation Col, I remember that day up in the Independent when we did this small beginning in paper .......... and you grabbed on and it is amazing to see how you transformed this into a unique art foam that is truly your own.
    Well done and well deserved.

  2. Thank you so much Emerald. You just never know what can be a life changer.


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