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Monday, January 23, 2012

Cataloging and Online Presenting

Presenting artwork online is not as straight forward as it once was. Not so long ago, you uploaded your image to your website and considered it a fait accompli. Nowadays, utilizing social media (if you so choose) to broaden  image exposure is considered a smart tool for the promotional tool box. The flip side is that this creates a much longer, and somewhat more involved task list. Add to this list your online shop, or even just the simple task of cataloging your latest work, and you are looking at some considerable time spent "in the office."

Personally, I have reached the point where keeping it all straight in my  head is next to impossible, so now when I create work I follow a check list.

This checklist is a macro enabled MSWord template I use at the computer. The printed version kept in studio as a reminder so that the prep work  is completed before the computer work. I've included a link to a downloadable file here

I type an X into the gray blank areas that apply for each piece. I use Flickr to store my images online, as well as on an external portable hard drive. I take my own photos and, depending on the piece, I utilize a professional photographer's services.
I also use Flickr as my portfolio manager to minimizes the time and effort of updating my website portfolio, which automatically updates when I add my images to "sets" on Flickr.
GYST (Get Your Sh*t Together) is software expressly for visual artists "that houses all of the art business related paperwork and educational needs for artists." (Visit website for catchy GYST tune!)

Once I have presented the image online and have cataloged it in GYST, I copy and paste the completed list, including the date of completion, into the Notes section under the related work so that I know when it was presented online and in which way(s).


  1. Is your website down? Your links go to a fake site.

  2. Is your website down? Your links go to a fake site.

  3. Thanks for the list! Your site is down though…will return because I'd love to see your work!

    1. You're welcome greenwillow. Thankfully, it's back up! :)

  4. OK…I see your work on this site! Duh!
    I LOVE THE TEXTURE and your colours too. So glad to find your site.

  5. YES! My website was down yikes! Its back up now though.

  6. You hit the nail on the head: It used to be I uploaded artwork images to my website and Flickr. Then came my blog. Then FB and LinkedIn. Then the revenue-producing sites: first just Cafepress, then Zazzle, Imagekind, et al. Managing files and online presence can become full-time job. But it can't! We're supposed to be in the studio *making* the art!

    Thanks for sharing your checklist -- that's a good way to keep it all straight. Or, at least, keep track of how far behind we are in getting these things done! ;-)

  7. Thanks Susan for visiting!
    LOL... I know. My page at FB auto posts to both LinkedIn and that's 3 down in one swoop! Thank goodness!


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