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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2011 Reflections

Just finished up working on an Acknowledgments and Accomplishments reflection list of 2011 via Artist Conspiracy. This is in preparation for a 1-2 hour "Reflection Date," with self, which will set the appropriate background informational zone for the next step;  the planning of 2012, which is January's focus.

Alyson Stanfield supplies a long list of questions, many of which I am sure I would not have thought of asking myself. Upon completion it becomes obvious how taking the time to look at what you have accomplished in overview becomes a tremendous aid for the process of goal setting; tweaking, ramping-up, adding to, or even abandoning previous choices, plans and strategies. It also helps to bring those successes to the forefront.

Here is a sampling of my year in review:

  • At the beginning of the year I did not have a working contact list - years end > 99
  • Twitter – on Jan 13 I had 23 followers, year end 217, a gain of 194!
  • I added/explored/tried out 7 new venues for exhibiting my art 
  • I wrote 27 more blog posts than the previous year
  • I added 8 new marketing materials/tools to my repertoire 
  • I attained 3 significant (for me) goals

I can thank Artist Conspiracy for much of the above! Looking forward to my "Reflection Date!"


  1. Great work, Col! How cool to be able to chart your progress like this.

    Here's to an even more amazing and delightful 2012!

  2. Thanks Cynthia! Looking forward to gaining even more new tools and practices this year!
    P.S. You're are so part of my A&A list! :)


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