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Saturday, November 12, 2011

About Me: A Good Question Day 6

  • What career successes (education, exhibitions, collections, . . . ) are you most proud of having accomplished?
I am tremendously fortunate to have amassed a long list of accomplishments and successes in a relatively short period of time, and of course, I did not do it all alone. 

My entire CV holds special meaning in every entry; collaborations, awards, published images, professional development, innovation, event creation, charitable donations, recognition, and singularly special opportunity realization. This makes for a tough decision, but here goes . . . 

1. 2011 Gallery representation, Bluestone Fine Art Gallery, Philadelphia, US

2. 2011 First solo exhibition, the Framing Place & Gallery, Huntsville, Ont. 

3. 2010 Showing and demonstrating as part of the G8/G20 Media Centre’s Muskoka Corridor, Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, Ont. 

4. 2010 Exhibitor at The Art Space gallery’s first exhibition Eight back from the Lake, an exhibition of the eight artists who represented Muskoka and Canada during the G20, Huntsville, Ont. 

5. 2010 Exhibitor, Sense of Place, an exhibition for the post G8 grand opening of the Canada Summit Centre, Huntsville, Ont. 

6. 2010 Nominated for the YWCA’s women of distinctions awards in arts/culture and creative energy, Muskoka

I also believe an essential element of career success is to work outside the studio, be involved in your arts community, help forward initiatives that support and sustain visual artists, not only for the breadth of professional development benefits inherent in that activity (which has led me to acquire a wide range of skills, experience, and networking exposure), but in working beyond the studio we ensure there are systems in place, and additional opportunities — that both art and artists have a place of reception, and are well received.

As President of the Huntsville Art Society (2008-2011), There were so many accomplishments I was privileged to be part of through either assisting, initiating or creating. The following five I am particularly close to and proud of:

1. 2011 Project Coordinator: The Pachter Factor Art exhibition by Contemporary Canadian Icon Charles Pachter, opening as a Nuit Blanche North Extravaganza event including a VIP pre-event with presentation by the Mayor of Huntsville, a paparazzi lined red carpet arrival complete with volunteers portraying the Queen, Prince William, princess Kate, a "Butter Tart Honour Guard," an evening of limo exit public photo op, including exterior entrance wall slide show projection of selected works, and a Projection Injection live feed onto opposite exterior entrance wall of red carpet arrivals onto projected images of Pachter's paintings. 

2. 2010 - Establishment of The Art Space: Gallery • Workshops Huntsville’s first non-profit contemporary art gallery venue which offers exhibitions and workshops to the public. 

3. 2010 - Initiated the establishment of the Town of Huntsville’s Arts Placement Working Group A committee formed to shape policy on art in public spaces and buildings in the municipality of Huntsville, which selected and curated local art for the post G8 grand opening of the new Canada Summit Centre Exhibition Hall 

4. 2010 - 2009 - Co-originator/grant writer of Creativation: Art, Kids, Community 2009/10 A new pilot program offering innovative and challenging programs and activities that support and enhance the Ministry of Education’s Visual Arts Curriculum, as well as expose students to the vast range of creative experiences and visual culture available to them in their local and regional community. 

5. 2010 - Originator and curator of ArtSHIFT An exhibition which partnered 5 artists with 5 local industries to explore creativity and innovation in local industry, and showcased works which incorporate those concepts, utilizing related raw materials supplied by each local industry sponsor.

  • What professional and personal obstacles have I overcome to get where I am today? What essential lessons have I learned from any mistakes?

Up until 2008, work space was a challenge. When we moved, I transformed a pre-existing “sleeping cabin” or “bunkie” on our new property into my studio.

A personal obstacle would have to be public speaking. I suspect it would be so much easier if I was an extrovert, however, I have had more opportunities than I ever wanted over the past three years and practice definitely makes for improvement. I can do it. I a’m not saying I’m ready for TED yet, but I can do it.

I don’t recall mistakes per se, more like making the best decision I could with information or skills I had at the time. Time seems to heal most embarrassments, and you do what you can toward fixing it or improving the next similar situation.

Essential lessons learned . . .
1. Do not let negative emotions interfere with your goals. Regardless of how negatively another person can interject into any part of your situation, response or reaction is best considered within the parameters of your goals, and not your ego.
2. Do not apply an entire container of gel medium on your canvas and expect to scrape it into an even layer, in one swipe, even if you think you have the perfect sized scraper — for it WILL lay thick in the middle due to canvas bowing.
3. Do not step over a gel covered canvas - you WILL get dirt on it . . . dirt you won’t see until it is dry and permanently adhered.

4. Do Read Yes Man by Danny Wallace. (The movie does not do it justice.)
5. Do Say ‘yes’ more often -- it is an adventure in living.

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