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Monday, November 07, 2011

About Me: A Good Question Day 1

1. What would I and others say are five of my personality pluses?

I would have to go with the repeated observations pulled from several recommendations made at Linkedin and (rather surprisingly & conveniently for this question) outlined in the following single statement:

"Col is a high energy, very creative, friendly, organized, "get things done" kind of person.” – R. D. 


“Col is a professional, creative artist.” – R. R. 
“Col is an artist of the highest calibre, and her innovative approach to her work and to the artistic community ensures that she will always explore new approaches, and continue to offer wonderful artwork borne of her high talent and artistic curiosity.” – M. D.
““Col is a multi-talented professional artist with a keen sense of design and colour.” – D. B
"As an Artist she is immensely talented her technique is unique.” – E. C.
energetic, personable, 
“She is incredibly energetic, savvy and focused and has done great work . . . A woman who really makes things happen!” – J. C. 
“Col is a motivated dedicated Artist and a tireless worker in the promotion and advancement of all aspects of the Arts. An incredible artist in her own right with a very amicable personality . . .” – M. G.
“Col is Chair of the Huntsville Arts Society, in which she is visionary . . . She is very personal, hard working and great to work with.” – C. R. 

organized/goal oriented
“ . . . her dedication, organizational skills and her incredible capacity to get things done. Col's expertise and leadership have been remarkable assets . . . ” – S.H.
“Always professional and goal oriented Col brings a sense of optimism to each project.” – E. C.

2.    Why do I do what I do [What do I like/love about being an artist? What is it I GEEK OUT on?] 

Being an artist is a heady adventure without map or instruction manual, inherently exploratory. The process of creating, starting with a pleasurable or stinging seed of inspiration — whether it be a word, an image, a scene, music, a conversation — of seeing what is not there, or seeing something in a different light, of connecting with the essence of it, working it out with my spirit, mind and materials, translating it into a viewable or experience-able form in an attempt to communicate its essence, something that speaks to the elements of that seed of inspiration — is intense, imminently satisfying and somewhat magical.

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