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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Attend to your Muse - 15 minutes a day

Writer and creativity coach Cynthia Morris helps writers and artists attend to their Muse during her Free Write Fling class in a manner I have discovered first-hand to be deeply effective and packaged appealingly in a painless, judgement-free, uncomplicated process.

Nov 4th UPDATE:
As a day 31 Graduate I received Cynthia’s e-book Cross the Finish Line! Five Steps to Overcome the Hurdles to Completion.

For completing all 31 days I was entered into a drawing for two one-one coaching sessions with Cynthia.

Guess what. I WON!!!

You can check out her site Original Impulse to learn more about who she is and her upcoming class starting Oct 31 Make Writing a Healthy Habit

What is Free Write Fling? It is a month-long daily writing affair of

"15 minutes per day to give yourself over to your Muse. A quickie. A hot date with your Muse, every day, for 31 days."

Currently I do not consider my self a writer or even an aspiring writer, but additional ways to connect with my muse will forever be irresistible, and I also have this desire to connect and share on a larger global scale. To do that I need to . . . well . . . write.

To give you an idea of this month's illuminating journey I am listing here my reactions or responses to each writing session.

It is important to note that the 3 words included describe more of how the writing session was for me, and not the content of the writing.

Day 1
My three words; calming, sputtered, sidetracked (and a forth would be officious)

Day 2
Today I dialed it down a notch, and can now read my own writing a bit better too.
My 3 words: architect, present, connected

Day 3
I’m just happy to get words out…doing a page and a half consistently (pen on paper)
3 words: pleased, positive, amused

Day 4
Day 4 and things are looking good! I was looking forward to writing today and realized yesterday that if I wanted to generate lots of content for my blog I would need to do more than one set of 15 mins. So I sat down and brainstormed starters/topics. I decided to do the daily one given first, as it seems more “anxiety free through non association with my wants/needs” and may set a tone to help me get through topics I know I will pressure myself over. And gues what…today…1.5 pages on given starter, and FOUR point 5 pages on my own starter. Had to set that timer 3 times! It was so great.
Two sets of 3 words: contributory, imaginative, cog
AND accomplished, propelled, hopeful

Day 5
At first glance I took this starter so literally, but then it HIT me how appropriate it was in relation to working along side someone (or a group) on a project. It was wild writing something that was such an obvious analogy (with every sentence or other word have a double meaning) to my own experiences.
3 words: appropriate, analogue, related

Day 6
Today I was in a position of need to use what I wrote, so I changed my starter to reflect what I needed. It needed to be short, so the 1.5 pages I usually get in 15 mins was perfect. This so works for me. This has been something I very much needed!
3 words: necessary, accomplish-able, friendly

Day 7
Some days…the time isn't there to fling longer. So I skipped the given starter and went straight to my own. I do worry a bit about using up some of my 15 on a tangent. It’s a bit distracting when I can see myself going there. I’m looking forward to where I’ll be in another week’s time.(more experienced?)
Bought myself a candle (couldn't believe I was out of candles when this started) and girly lighter today, and found a decent pen.
3 words- forward, useful, cream-puff (some of it more useful than others.HA)

Day 8
I sort of mused about getting water in a non literal sense.
3 words: varied, non-literal, guesswork
2nd 15 with my own starter felt like I had entered a 2nd level of intensity.
3 words: deeper, meaty, meditative

Day 9
It is Thanksgiving here so I pretty much just “clocked the ink” and no surprise that I was somewhat distracted. I’m not disappointed though.
3 words – toothless, feeble, daydream-y

Day 10
More impressed that I showed up to write over what I wrote. I couldn’t get to it till late and my mind was not on task. But I am not unhappy at all, as at least I had a chance to be creative!
3 words: distracted, purpose, outlet

Day 11
It is pretty amazing where some starters can take you. Writing today was very self-reflective, gave me some new things to think about,and created a fuller awareness of how healthy this 15 mins a day is/can be.
My 3 words: healthy, reflective, provocative

Day 12
I had guests since day 11 (they left day13) and getting the time in managed to be doable though sometimes in the hour before midnight I argued with myself about whether I should, would or could…or not. Each time I chose to push through. Perhaps the time spent on working out those 3 words is equally important at this stage. Considering, sometimes long, on the positive impacts of those 15 mins sticks more on my mind than what I have written, and I suspect is a compelling impetus to do it again.
3 words: fun, enjoyable, me-moment

Day 13
Wrote two today, using my own starters. I’m obviously enjoying this process as I wouldn't say the writing was any great shakes, but happily hunkered down to writing for 30 mins.
3 words: productive, relaxing, good

Day 14
Another good day. My own starter again.
3 words; focused, meaty, authentic

Day 15
I’m joining the “had a great day club!”
My own starter (3.5 pages!)
3 words: achievement, meaningful, informative

Day 16
Trying a starter that is formed as a question to allow me to explore the whys and the possible solutions. Very effective!
My 3 words ( 4 pages later!) : introspective, decisive, positive

Day 17
I've come to appreciate how this can be used as a significant tool for working out thoughts, ideas or issues that just sit in our minds tumbling eternally.
I experienced a benefit which I had not yet experienced in this course. And it happened when I was out running errands. I was sitting in my truck outside the grocery store STRESSING and not wanting to be stressing. I deliberately turned my mind to some of the writing I had done, the positive outcomes, and I felt…better! Energized even. I walked into that grocery store with a bounce in my step and extremely energized. I have no idea if that will occur again, but I am very much appreciating this entire experience.
3 words: emotional, localized, cherish-ment

Day 18
3 words; emotional, personal, risky

Day 19
I was headachey going in so my prompt started with “My mind is like a carved rock” and the entire thing continued with being an analogy on how a mind is like a rock; different kinds of rock for different ways of thinking. When I read it out loud it sounded somewhat like poetry.
3 words: kaleidoscopic, textured, comforting

Day 20
Hmmmm….As soon as I looked at that starter I knew trouble was not far behind — though why patterns immediately signaled negativity is a mystery…and one I was not up to exploring. So I determined to avoid the obvious pitfall ahead and… my mind flailed around until I noticed the sound of my breathing and thought A HA! Breathing is a pattern! So I continued to write just words, sometimes a phrase, of what I was noticing around me — from the swish my sleeve made across the page as I moved to a new line, to the blink of my eyes, to the tickle of my hair and my breath again.
Fun read aloud...full of onomatopoeia
It was very…in-the-moment, rhythmic, and calming.

Day 21
Lately, I have left the writing to the bitter end of the day, and though I don’t mind writing later in the day, the bitter end wasn’t exactly leaving me with enough mental energy. Today, writing earlier allowed me to dig a bit deeper.
3 words: exploratory, visualization, awareness

Day 22
3 words: unexpected, reflective, appetizer

Day 23
After a roller coaster day: Centered, affirming, gift

Day 24
Stole 15 mins in the car on back of discarded diagrams.
compelled, rushed, teasing

Day 25
Have been using my own prompts to work out some stress lately (writing exorcisms?).
Again, it is amazing the impact 15 mins can have.
3 words: anticipated, tool, relief

Day 26
I know there are five days to go but already I feel like a Graduate.
I am genuinely enjoying this. I look forward to writing, to my “writing time,” and it is helping me in a variety of ways outside and beyond of what I had originally intended or surmised.
3 words (own prompt, 4 pages, woohoo): helpful, inventive, directional

Day 27
The flood gates are OPEN. (Today at least) I have been writing for the better part of the day! I’m doing a self interview and it is going well. I am not editing myself while I’m doing it, and I am not lingering long over a particular question worrying about the grammar/wording etc. I’m just getting the info/thoughts out.
3 words: gratified, achievement, crow (or – duck likes water)

Day 28
I think I’m like a kid with a new toy; writing here, writing there . . . I feel all warmed up — like a boxer before a fight — loose, energized, primed.

Day 29
Less thrilling but still fulfilling.
3 words: productive, business, mini-task

Day 30
Working on something and its mostly biz biz biz.
3 word: willing, eager, determined

Day 31
Today’s 15 mins were so so…surface type stiff, but then I rewrote the prompt due to something I had written that I thought I could expand upon and got much more out of it! This has happened before and worth remembering…hope I remember.
3 words: deeper, meditative, meaningful


  1. This is great, Col. I love how you've tracked your process over the month and given yourself the gift of insight.

    It's been a joy to have you in the Free Write Fling and I look forward to seeing more of you on your blog as a result!

  2. Thank you for visiting Cynthia and for a truly beneficial experience and liberation!


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