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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Her Beauty Comes With Demons

Is that not a fabulous line?
Ok...its late. And I am bored. So I around on the computer. Turns out I am even too bored for pogo. And it hits me. I'm not bored...I am UNINSPIRED.
You would think, with all the projects I have my hands in that inspiration wouldn't be an issue. Well, the reality is that these projects are not entirely mine and require more . . . ahhh . . . supervision than creative energy or expression. And while my mind is occupied by related tasks, my creative spirit is suffering; wilted and parched.
Click explorer, open google page, type in > inspire me visually < click search.
hmmmmm . . .
The Pleasures of Homemaking: The Inspire Me Board
23 Feb 2009 ... So on my Inspire Me board I have a few pictures from magazines and some .... way to keep my goal/goals in front of me visually all the time. ...
Finding Inspiration in Domestic Life?
Do yourself a favour. Don't look. I almost had a nervous breakdown just imaging how exhausting it would be to keep my own "domestic life" as clean/ uncluttered/ co-ordinated/ and show room ready as pictured. At best I was inspired to find a match . . .
Dion's Casting Calls...let's make art...inspire me!
Nudes aren't required but I do need models who are willing to provide me visual access to as much skin as possible to inspire images of color, texture, ...
Her Beauty Comes with Demons...Well! Someone obvsiously hit the inspiration jackpot and even more impressively thought of a way to keep that inspiration coming! One inspiring topic out of EIGHT presented. That's more like it!
Felicia Sullivan - Author, Foodie, Rockstar » » Blog Archive ...
Inspire Me Photo #1 my dear friend summer pierre is good at many things: ... purses and her home is a visual wonderland. when i'm blue and unispired, ...
Almost didn't look. Glad I did! Big eye-catcher on the right: The Sky Isn't Visible From Here. From where? Makes you think don't it!
Inspire Me Thursday | connect
... who creates fused glass art that is not only visually beautiful, but functional as well. ... 2006 - 2007 Inspire Me Thursday or respective artist. ...
Ok...potential fun. Amuse your Inner Muse. Life is Art. Must return!
fact: people inspire me more than anything. -
"Everything I do has to be visually appealing to me" Roll it up,light it up, blaze it up, ... People places and things inspire me.I never know what I want.
Ain't that the truth! This girl is inspiring. I LOVE seeing not everyday ordinary websites! Check her flickr photography.
ON: Digital+Marketing: Inspire Me
Joanna Peña-Bickley on September 01, 2009 at 08:17 AM in Inspire Me, New Media, .... The Flip book a lovely way to visually communicate a journey. ...
WOW!!! Where have I been? I can't believe I have never heard of "Flash Mob." SO Cool!!
To be continued . . .

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