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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daydream Winner

Tonight caught me indulging in my favorite pastime, daydreaming, while driving into town center on my way to pick up my youngest son from Volleyball. What was the fantasy in question? Apparently I covet a window display position. In Silver Bridge Gallery. Where some of my works currently hang.

Whilst self indulgently musing on the possible credible *snort* (more often incredible) scenarios of where I manage to sweet talk those paintings front and center to all passers by I drove past the very gallery in question.

Have you ever wondered (daydreamed) how you would react to . . . say . . . winning the lotto? Think you would be cool? Furiously hop up and down? Scream? Yet still be cool? Videotape-able even? Lets just say...keep that camera away from me.

Thats my baby!

"The Raven's Mirror"


  1. Ohhhhhmyyyyyy!!! Congratulations, my dear sister!!! I LOVE it! We're so very proud of you..! Muah! Much love, Kel,Jeff, Jacob & Sam xo

  2. Beautifully placed and certainly well-lit. Something to be proud of.
    Whoever put it in that spot knows a treasure when they see one.

  3. Yahoo!

    And some more good news:
    I am celebrating you today with a little award on my blog...WooHoo!:) Pop on over when and pick it up if you like! :)


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