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Friday, October 31, 2008


Originally uploaded by ravonCol

Oct 31 2008 A birthday present to me--finish this painting! See where the head of the oranda is? That spot used to hold a bird on a wire. As I was painting the foliage below I was grumbling on how I wished my bird was a fish. After leaving this painting for several weeks I decided...what the heck--white it out and paint a fish there instead. So I did! This is an 8x10 canvas using acrylic inks and fluid acrylics. I also used some of that coarse gel medium that looks like cottage cheese when wet, but dries all crystally.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. I love your art work and your style. I'm so glad I discovered your blog (through AEDM...)
    Keep painting.


  2. Beautiful painting! I love the transparency of the fish's fins. Great job!


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