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Friday, September 05, 2008

Hot from

Three brand new pieces!

Which can be viewed here at
(if you sign up for Etsy please use me as a referal: cedarraven)

These are 8x10 on canvas in the technique I am currently exploring and employing: sculpted paper, acrylic ink, fluid acrylic and pen nib.

This was the first time I had ever had 5 canvases in the works at ONE time, so of course my studio is a complete trash at the moment. But I love it that way. : )
What I really need is a good easel...and a light stand...and a plethora of various sized canvases! Lots of ideas floating around here, and I never seem to have the right sized canvas. *dramatic sigh*

And a video camera. Have you seen the speeded up painting videos at youtube? (I have a couple linked to the side there.) Kinda cool! I would love to do that quite honestly. that you all know what to send me (ha ha), and I've shared my latest, I can move on to the next piece. It is quite a bit larger. : )

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  1. You've opened an Esty shop! How cool. I like the work you have in there. You have been busy haven't you.


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