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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cedar Raven - The Virtual Tour

Apologies for the photo quality, it was getting dark and I didn't check my camera settings (oops!)

Intersection street signage.

On the deck: my chalk board sign, designed & constructed by moi.

(Why blogger insisted on placing this image sideways is beyond me!)
The floor worked out well, lots of positive comments on it.

In through the front door.

Look to the left.
Jewelry mounted on driftwood, cards (work in progress peeking out)

Look to the right. Photography of Ellen Fox, watercolours of Gabrielle Andersen,
Birdhouses by Ruthann Smith & Peg Tole

Looking back. More Photography by Ellen Fox.
2 Chairs to curl up in. (Ok, not quite)

My business cards made of red cedar.

The guestbook. (Again with the sideways!)
Sign and draw a pic (if you're feeling brave.)
& Loving my raven pitcher from Yellow Knife!

So ends the virutal tour! Recently I've been working on my display booth for
The Art In The Heart Show this weekend. Which explains why this post is slim on wordage.
Most of my mind is on the show.
Will post pics later.


  1. What a fabulous set up....And wouldn't you know it...your cool artwork has unbelievably stunning business cards to promote it...a stroke of genius! I am so happy you are back in "blogville"...I have missed you! All the best to you! :)

  2. Thanks soo much! It IS awfully wonderful to have my own studio.
    : )


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